• Load Balancing in PFC-Enabled Datacenter Networks APNet 2022
    July 2022, Virtual Event

  • RPO: Receiver-driven Transport Protocol Using Opportunistic Transmission in Data Center ICNP 2021
    November 2021, Virtual Event

  • AMRT: Anti-ECN Marking to Improve Utilization of Receiver-driven Transmission in Data Center ICPP 2020
    August 2020, Virtual Event

  • TLB: Traffic-aware Load Balancing with Adaptive Granularity in Data Center Networks ICPP 2019
    August 2019, Kyoto, Japan

  • CAPS: Coding-based Adaptive Packet Spraying to Reduce Flow Completion Time in Data Center INFOCOM 2018
    April 2018, Honolulu, USA